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Shrinkage problem
« on: August 14, 2013, 09:03:51 AM »
Folks ,
A little help if you will, please.

I am trying to print a small wheel with a "v" shaped groove around it's circumference.
It's 11mm in diameter with a 5 mm hole for shaft, and 6.7 mm wide.

No matter what I try, i.e. slow, fast, normal ,0.15mm layer, 0.2 layer, fan ,no fan , half fan, and all possible combinations, I am always getting shrinkage in the top half.
I am only printing with maximum fill and laying flat, as that's the way I need the layers to run for maximum strength, and I am only using ABS - ( genuine UP White 1.75 mm, and using an UP! Plus with Version 2.0 software)

The top half always ends up being smaller by about 0.2 mm. in both it's external diameter and the diameter of the hole for the shaft. The bottom half is near perfect, but of course it's anchored by the raft.

I am certain that shrinkage is the problem, but how do I avoid/compensate for it ?