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General Discussion / Troubleshooting: No longer feeding
« Last post by Russell Mullens on January 11, 2015, 04:02:05 PM »
I've been loving my up mini for a while now. Today was the first day I've had some hardware issues.

Whilst trying to extrude, the plastic was 'clicking' as it tried to go through the hot end but wasn't making any progress.
I thought the time had finally come for me to clean the printer.

Took the nozzle off and soaked it in acetone. That didn't help. Made the nozzle look like new though.
Took the hearing element off and drilled out the dried plastic. It looked like it needed the cleaning.

My problem was that I was still getting the clicking whilst extruding and nothing was coming through.

Turns out, the plastic was a little thicker from the roll. Flaw in manufacturing or maybe the weather here in Melbourne (Australia) has had its way with it.

Cooler heads prevailed and I just chopped off a length of filament from the roll and am happily printing again.

May this story save you some stress.
UP Mini / Up mini table won't preheat
« Last post by Vasily on January 09, 2015, 01:52:46 PM »
Just got the printer, everything was working fine. Now, I try to preheat the table and its temperature doesn't change a bit.

I tried turning the printer on and off, tried both the 15 minutes preheat and the 1 hour one.
UP Mini / Top surface rough or unfinished
« Last post by SteveA on January 05, 2015, 09:38:01 AM »
Hi, I'm a newb playing around with my new Up Mini,

So far most things are going well, but in the objects I have been printing with recently the top layer is not sealed where you would be expecting it to be,  It is only a small object (a keyring tag) that is 50mm X 20mm X4mm so has a reasonably flat surface.  But the honeycombing is visible at several points on the top, especially near the edges.  All the other surfaces are good.

I have Quality set to fine, Z resolution 0.20mm, Fill set to the second finest setting, and all the other settings set to default. The "door" at the nozzle is closed. None of the model is red in the Up app, although the whole thing is very light pink.  In the latest print I did click on the "fix" button to see if that would help.  I don't really understand the 'Unsolid' setting is for, but I have not ticked that.

Can anyone think of a reason why the top layer would not be sealing and what settings I could try in order to get a better result.  The model was created in 123D Design, but I have had the same problem with a downloaded file from Thingiverse.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
UP Mini / Re: "Printer Disconnected" Computer wont recognise 3D printer
« Last post by Chris Call on December 15, 2014, 10:32:19 AM »
I have the same issue. My main board is toast and a replacement board is at least 400.00. I have yet to hear back from the support people on whether they can repair or replace the main board with a used part.
I can get a whole printer for 599.00 so I cannot justify a 400.00 main board.
General Discussion / Re: Base Height
« Last post by ali76j on December 14, 2014, 03:52:30 PM »
Thanks mate,

I am wondering why there is nobody from 3D answering this question as for support!!!
General Discussion / Re: Base Height
« Last post by Stuartblarg on December 13, 2014, 01:25:36 AM »
It looks like they may have removed the option in an update to the software, as you have noticed the picture in the manual is different from the current UI.

It's possible that the fuction has become obsolete because the printer builds only the amount of raft that is necessary and minimising it further could cause the job to fail.

There is an option for "Support - Dense: This represents how many layers of ‘solid’ (dense) material form part of the support structure directly beneath the model. Default = 3 layers" im not sure if lowering this will get the outcome you desire, you can only lower it by one layer so it wont make much of a difference.

Sorry if this wasn't the answer you were looking for.
General Discussion / Base Height
« Last post by ali76j on December 09, 2014, 07:04:55 PM »
I have asked the following question before and disappointed by the support with no answer...

I don't have "Base Height" here!
In the pdf manual file "Base Height" exists on the right hand side of the "Z Resolution" but on the software there is not such a thing!

Please help I wan to reduce the raft thickness
UP Mini / "Printer Disconnected" Computer wont recognise 3D printer
« Last post by Stuartblarg on December 06, 2014, 03:41:04 PM »
So i turned on my UP! Mini today to find that the computer no longer recognises the it is plugged in. I recently unplugged it from the computer to clean my PC out but when i plugged it in again I no longer get the jingle indicating that a USB device has been plugged in.

The printer itself still turns on and holding down the button still initializes but the computer doesnt see it. I have tried turning it off and on, turning it off overnight and plugging it into other computers but all to no success.

Im pretty sure this has happened twice before and both time resulted in me sending the circuit board away to be replaced but now my warranty is over so i have to come here for advice.

Some research suggest that it might be something to do with static electricity frying the cpu but im not sure if there is anyway i can check that.

Thanks for any help
Software / Base Height
« Last post by ali76j on November 26, 2014, 09:13:42 AM »
I don't have "Base Height" here!
In the pdf manual file exist on the right hand side of the "Z Resolution" but on the software there is not such a thing!

Please help I wan to reduce the raft thickness
UP Plus / Re: raft sticking and fan door
« Last post by jt1991 on November 10, 2014, 06:41:20 PM »
I reckon the problem is the Premium material.  I had the same problem and it went away when I managed to get some "Original UP" filament. See my post Oils aint Oils and  ABS aint ABS.  Back to back test with the same settings and the same part and the difference is the original support material peels away with ease and the Premium does not - to the point of taking the first part layer with it and exposing the internal honeycomb structure when it deigns to come away.
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