Author Topic: What's so great about 3D printing?  (Read 649 times)

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What's so great about 3D printing?
« on: June 24, 2017, 09:36:56 PM »
3D printing is considered to be next industrial revolution. It will revolutionize the whole manufacturing process of almost everything.

If you go to any industry which is using conventional manufacturing process you can see amount of work they are doing to get final object, number of people working, number of times rework done, amount of wastage, number of tools, msmy different types of jigs and fixtures, etc. All these parameters make conventional manufacturing process complicated. Being a mechanical engineer even I couldn't able to understand the whole process.

When it comes to 3D printing, it overcomes almost all limitations of mentioned above. 3d printing delhi ncr telangana india

It has some good advantages over conventional manufacturing viz;

    Additive process: 3D printing is basically additive technology where materials is added layer by layer to get final object which is exactly opposite to conventional manufacturing where materials is removed to get final object. Thus 3d printing reduces material wastage to almost zero.
    Intricate shape: it's very difficult of almost impossible to build objects having intricate or complex shapes using conventional manufacturing but when it comes to 3d printing, it can make complex shape object that too without any support.
    Ease of manufacturing: You only need to give 3d drawing to 3d printer and it can print final object directly irrespective of size and shape of object. But in conventional machines like CNC, for every different object we have to write programs yourself manually.
    Ease of use: CNC machine requires an trained person to operate but not for 3d printer, anyone with good knowledge about 3d printer can operate it easily.
    Reduced workforce and Training cost: 3d printer is an automation and thus it will replace workforce and cost indulged into it.
    No tooling, jigs and fixtures: 3d printer neither requires tools nor jigs - fixtures to clamp object but CNC does.
    Direct final object manufacturing: to manufacture object using conventional manufacturing process, certain steps has to be followed such as pattern making, mould making, pouring molten metal, finishing and inspection. But 3d printer manufacture final object directly, in some cases post processing us required. 3d printing prototyping services Andhra Pradesh india

This are some of the reasons of 3d printing being so great. In Future it will replace all conventional machines and that will be next industrial revolution.