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Oils aint oils and ABS aint ABS
« on: November 04, 2014, 04:17:30 PM »
I purchased some of the special offer ABS.  I had no problems with the original UP ABS, but all od a sudden I had problems removing the sacrificial material cleanly and with sticking to the perf board etc.  I persevered, with much searching and experimenting with door closed and door open and so on.  Things were so bad that separating the raft from the part bottom usually separated the first part layer, exposing the egg crate internal structure, or one was left with a very rough base to the part.. 

I suspected the new material had subtly different properties.  So I ordered some original UP ABS.

When the new ABS reel came to an end I was printing some S Scale railway signals, salvaging about one in two due the removal problem.  I mounted the newly acquired reel of UP ABs and with the same settings kept printing.  I find the difference very marked.  The raft and support material separates cleanly and separation during printing has vanished.  I now have 100% yield from the fragile signal prints, and larger prints have also improved.

Has anyone else had this problem or any comments?